Kite Lines

BraidTech is specialised in the production of braided kite lines. These lines are mainly made out of Dyneema yarns (DSM Nederland registered brand).

The kite lines are manufactured in southern Europe. Storage and distribution services are in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands. After the Dyneema yarns are braided, the eventual quality of the line is determined by the process of impregnating, coating and stretching. It is important to produce a kite line that has as little stretch in it as possible (in a constant way).

BraidTech is constantly engaged in product development especially in the process of impregnation and the coating itself which may or may not have a colour. The colours most in demand, such as green, blue, red and grey, are always available but other colours can also be produced if desired.

A large part of the production is in the following kite line strengths (measured in kg): 75 – 100 – 150 – 170 – 200 – 220 – 250 - 275 – 300 – 400 – 500. All our lines are delivered on bulk reels. It is not possible to deliver them on kite winders.

For an impression of our products as well as our product location, please see below.

BraidTech - Kite Lines