About BraidTech

After more than 15 years experience in the field of braided lines, Fred Loonen set up BraidTech on 1 September 2010 as an independent manufacturer of high quality kite lines.

The production takes place in the south of Europe. For this reason interesting prices can be offered in combination with a high quality level. On account of his personal input, quality is paramount for Fred Loonen and due to his input of new technologies as well as his knowledge of the suitable materials, the required western quality level can easily be realized. Delivery takes place from our warehouse in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands.

The following terms play an important role in BraidTech’s policy:

Clear and open discussions with customers, so that we know precisely what’s required.

We continuously offer new innovations in collaboration with our experts. BraidTech has his own Research & Development department, so in this way the customer may always expect the best product.

BraidTech uses a sophisticated control system during production with as result a constant high quality level.

BraidTech - Kite lines